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Hello! It has officially been 3 weeks I have been at home and I realized that I have spent so much time whining and complaining about having to be home so much. It really is a tough time right now, but we need to stay positive because that's all we really can do at this point... I mean, it's better than wallowing in despair because we can't see our friends. So here are some looks at the bright side:

- you can do things you've always wanted to do but never had the time for (learning a language, watching a show/movie, reading a book/series, etc.)

- for example, I've gotten my little brother to finally read the Harry Potter series!

- you can sleep in if you don't have to work or attend online classes at normal time

- you can be more connected to your family

- family meals, family movie nights, family game nights (you have to spend a lot of

time with them so might as well make the most of it)

Another idea is to start each day with thinking about what you are thankful for: "I'm grateful that/for..." Then, you can make a list of all the good things you have going for you!

I'll come back tomorrow with different types of tips for getting through lockdown/quarantine!

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