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New Talents

The quarantine situation has given many people the time and opportunity to pursue things that they were not aware they could do. Many people tried painting or drawing while others learned to dance or sing. I recently tried poetry for a school memoir writing assignment and decided it wasn't too bad, so I thought I'd post some haikus I wrote here:

Another week gone

Before I even notice.

All days seem the same.

Assignments keep me

Busier and busier.

Hope I do it all.

Sometimes I feel like

I’m not as motivated

As I was before.

I am still working;

Working for many hours.

3 hours, my foot.

I have started to

Hear music while I work. It

Gets me through it all.

I haven’t talked to

Many of my friends since school

Closed down. I miss them.

It often feels like

The entire world has stopped.

When will time resume?

What will it be like

When we are finally

Out of quarantine?

Will time go back to

It’s breakneck speed, the way it

Was before it all?

Will everything

Go back to our old normal?

Will we get it back?

Or will we live in

Fear? Scared to touch each other,

Scared of all that was.

But no matter what

We must stay positive

And get through it all

Erase all bad thoughts.

No darkness is eternal.

Hope for better days.

I hope you are all keeping yourselves busy and engaged in work during this time!

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