Check The Brain

I recently saw a parent's post in our neighborhood forum saying they saw teenagers out together, hanging out as teenagers do. That's fine in a normal setting, but in a time like this–when gatherings of all sorts have been banned in many regions–it is not okay to be going out together! This goes for everybody, not just teens or kids. People should be practicing social distancing as it is the only way, other than hand hygiene, to stop the spreading of this dreadful virus. It is important for us to keep ourselves safe and as isolated as possible in order to flatten the curve. It is so obvious how much we need to be physically distancing ourselves from others that, at this point, if you are still gathering with other people it shouldn't be "Break the Chain", it should be "Check the Brain". You need to understand that social distancing is the most selfless and significant thing you can do to help yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

I understand it is hard, and for what it is worth, I completely understand as I have been stuck in my house for over 2 weeks. We are in the age of technology: text your friends, call them, start a group video call so that you can have usual utter chaos ;) Do what you will to keep in touch and keep yourself sane and safe!

Sending love and hopes of getting out soon your way!

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