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Hi, nice to meet you...

My name is Durga Nair and I am a high schooler in Washington state, USA. My school closed down a while ago, and though we had all been expecting it, the closure made everything a little bit more real. This pandemic was happening and it was hitting home pretty hard. Worried about this virus, its effects, and how–even though we had been hearing about the virus for a while–I still didn't really know what this virus was, I started researching. Why was this virus eliciting something that the world had never seen before? And why did it feel like the whole world was shutting down because of it?


After doing a lot of research I realized that a lot of people, like myself, didn't know fact from fiction with this virus. In a situation like this, the consequences to actions we find so menial can actually cause someone's pain or even death. That's when I knew I needed to round up the most helpful information I could find and make a one-stop site where people can be informed and educated about the virus. There are whole countries closing down, but some people still take the matter lightly, inadvertently spreading the virus more.


We need to give this virus the importance it deserves. It is not over-hyped, it is happening, it is infecting thousands, and it is killing. We need to break the chain of infection, and the first step to doing that is being well-informed about it and knowing what you can do to keep yourself and, in turn, the people around you as safe as possible.


I hope this site is useful and if you have any suggestions, corrections, etc., please contact me and let me know!

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